Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm Back!

Yesss im back and hopefully for longer than last time, back then i was making my FRONT COVER MAKE-UP BLOG.. ;)
Well it is now the 18th of october and on the 28th i shall be visiting London to go to Britain and Irelands next top model live! i am hoping to do a blog on it with loooaaaddss of pictures and information on what i did and how it all went. As you may know from my info i am an aspiring model! i have just turned 17 on the 28th of September and i am hoping to persue my modeling aspiration! Going to britain and irelands next top model hopefully will help me learn the trade and maybe even give me a chance of hopping on the catwalk ;D hehe..

Well i guess i shall be speaking to you soon and errr yeah :D .. au revoir xoxo

Monday, 19 April 2010


Im in love with make up and i always heave been wether its was my mums or mine i'd slap it on :L

Now i that i understand the basics and the main points of make up i know how to create many lookss.....


i feel that front cover is a beautifull make it has mixtures of natural and eligant colours which bring out anyones key features but only when used properly, natural is a very simple yet effective design using make up as always less is more and it will always look great. Whether you use it for school a lazy day or simply just to go out its a beautiful way of showing off your features.

Front Cover have party palletes and natural palletes to suit everyones behaviour so that everyone is comfortable and so everyone feels beautiful (:

Lady Gaga(:

Lady Gaga(:
"PUT YOUR PAWS UP!!" From Lady Gagas monster ball concerts(: